May 02, 2020

Wine Tasting in Your Living Room on May 1, 2020


Get comfortable, fill up a glass, and learn how to taste wine in the chillest, coziest environment ever - your home!

We promise, no intimidating slurping noises from the crowd and no need to pretend you know what you’re doing. If red wine ends up down the front of your shirt, so be it! There will be something for everyone, starting with the principles of wine tasting to a Q&A on anything from natural wines, whether price correlates to the quality of a wine, and how COVID-19 is affecting the wine industry. Raison Wines is a French wine importer that works with personality driven winemakers who bottle only the best of their terroirs. Co-founder and Columbia alum Amy Seow (Law '10) will be hosting the session.

We will be talking through several bottles that evening - get your own pack and taste along with us: The 3 bottle pack* includes a Bordeaux, Sancerre sauvignon blanc and a natural Rhône for $139; and the 6 bottle pack^ adds a biodynamic Rhone, Alsatian Pinot Noir and a Beaujolais Cru (Brouilly) for $289. Prices include a special 10% discount off retail prices, tasting and region notes, and free delivery. Don’t worry, you won’t have to open them all that evening unless you really want to!

Email [email protected] to place your orders now. Check out her full catalogue on instagram @raisonwines if you’d like other bottles for the evening.

Click HERE or on the image to view.

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