March 04, 2017

No Small Talk!

You are tasked with reducing suffering in the world.  Where do you start? 
What would you want to teach your child about the world of work? 

These were the kind of questions participants at our "No Small Talk!" event responded to, by way of conversation cards that they picked. We aimed to reach out to people who enjoyed self-discovery, meaningful social connection and learning from others. We held the event at, a lovely, indie place that serves healthy food. 

About 14 alumni from Columbia, Cambridge, Harvard and more appreciated and learned from each other's values, strengths, passions and stories. 
There was also an air of support for each other through follow-up questions and resources shared. 

We heard amazing stories! One person changed his life after watching "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", and even travelled to the edge of space. One pushed the car he had been travelling in when it stopped next to a group of cheetahs in Kenya. 

Facilitator, Yixin Liu noticed the "wisdom and personal touch" behind the stories shared and how the questions helped us reflect on the value and impact we aim to achieve. Facilitator, Sissi Goh, shared with her table about a group gratitude practice that the facilitators had been doing when someone at her group picked up the question: You are tasked with making the world more beautiful. Where do you start? 
Just the act of noticing beauty and goodness in the world and sharing it has an uplifting effect.   Facilitator and designer of the experience, Vadivu Govind, was inspired by and learnt alot from the participants' sharing. 

It was great to hear how the participants felt. They used words like "Great platform for sharing stories", "Grateful" and "Connection".
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