September 26, 2016

Joy Works


Joy Works is a boutique business with a social mission to enable positive, humanistic, high-performance workplaces where people flourish.

It was founded by Isabel Vadivu Govind (SIPA' 2009) and was triggered by an accident that killed four migrant workers in Singapore.  

Our emphasis is on humanistic leadership approaches like positive leadership and servant leadership that produce results that break the norm. Our work to transform work culture is also influenced by sciences like positive psychology. We work on the intangibles that affect your results and are sometimes forgotten – relationships, emotions, higher purpose and more.

We design and deliver leadership and culture transformation programmes through workshops, positive psychology coaching, consulting and connecting you to other specialists where needed. We are connected to an amazing, diverse network of people who complement our work and who all care about the greater good.

We believe strongly in business being a force for positive social change. 

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