June 05, 2017

Fine Wine & Dining and a bit of Art with Columbia Alumni Association Members of New York

On May 24, in the early evening about 20 lovely alumni gathered at Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) for a tour into the history guided by alum, Jenni Lee (Barnard '83, CU School of Public Health '91). We started the journey with the Tour of Tang Shipwreck where we learned that 70,000 ceramic bowls was found packed onto an A.D. 830s 18meter wooden planks ship, intricately showcased in the exhibit. 

We then continued the journey into the National Gallery Singapore where we discovered that underneath the foundation stone of the old Supreme Court Building laid a time capsule containing newspapers dated 31 March 1937 and currency from the Straits Settlements. It is due to be retrieved in the year 3000... so we'll get back to you when we find out what's in it. :p

As dusk faded into night, we headed to Foo’d in Victoria Concert Hall where we were joined by a tremendous turnout of nearly 60 alumni and friends. We can't imagine it was only for the free flow of wines and canapés but to truly meet, drink, chat, and laugh with fellow alums from around the globe. Although it was a Wednesday we showed ourselves a proper time with excellent food and drinks.


2017_Museum_and_Alumni_0056.jpg 2017_Museum_and_Alumni_0135.jpg

2017_Museum_and_Alumni_0369.jpg 2017_Museum_and_Alumni_0515.jpg

2017_Museum_and_Alumni_0529.jpg 2017_Museum_and_Alumni_0673.jpg

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