June 08, 2020

The Chef's in the House: Jianbing with Mr. Bing Brian Goldberg

Come make some Jianbing with Mr. Bing!

Brian Goldberg (GSAS '02, East Asia Regional Studies) is the founder of Mr Bing, a small group of Beijing food kiosks that started in Hong Kong in 2012, and then grew in NYC from 2015-2020. Mr Bing has been credited with making 'jianbing' popular outside of China, being the first concept to brand jianbing and introduce it to the West. In this live session, Brian will teach you how to make a traditional jianbing from scratch at home, as well as some 'shortcut hacks' if you aren't able to source the harder-to-find ingredients. Brian was taught by Master Ban Shifu in the Dongzhimen District of Beijing, so that's the style he goes by -- please don't expect whatever jianbing style you might be used to from your particular vendor, as they all vary accordingly. Brian will also introduce Mr Bing's Chili Crisp, a 'healthier' version of LaoGanMa that is growing in popularity.

Mr Bing's story: When we studied Chinese in Beijing in 1998, we ate bings (savory Chinese crepes) every day outside our school. There was a nice lady who made them fresh on the back of a bicycle cart. We loved bings so much - and the chili crisp inside (!) - we just had to bring it to America and now, your home!

Watch the video here.

Crepe Batter Mixture (makes ~6 bings):
1 Cup of Mung Bean Flour / Rice Flour Mix (if you can find the ‘rooster’ brand, picture attached);  if not, you can use Millet Flour, Purple Rice Flour, etc.
2.5 Cups All Purpose / White Flour
1 TB Chinese 5 Spice powder  ( a blend of these spices: Anise, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves)
1 TB Salt
3 Cups of Water

Everything else:
Eggs (2-4 depending how many bings you plan to make; use 1-2 eggs per bing; I like 2 eggs, especially on larger bings)
1 TB Sesame seeds (black or white or mixed)
2 TB Scallions (chopped)
2 TB Cilantro (chopped)
2 TB Hoisin Sauce / TianMianJiang mix 50/50  (or just Hoisin sauce if you can't get TianMianJiang)
1 TB Chili paste: LaoGanMa Spicy Chili Crisp, or any Chinese chili sauce.  try Mr Bing Chili Crisp if you can

Crispy Wontons (pre bagged strips, i.e. for salad topping)
Wonton wrappers fried in oil (2-4 wonton skins per bing); try to keep them flat, not curled up.
Oil for coating the pan, and for frying the wonton skins.
Optional: Protein filling of your choice:  Chopped sausage is easiest.  Or, diced or shredded chicken, beef, char siu pork, roast duck, etc.

cast iron pan, the wider the diameter the better, easier for spreading the bing / flipping the bing
regular pan is fine if you don't have cast iron
spatula to spread the batter on the pan.
(* if you have a T-shaped crepe spreader, that's ideal, but not necessary).

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