May 14, 2016

Dining in the Dark


19 alumni from Columbia, Penn, Georgetown, including their friends and family had lunch in pitch darkness at Dialogue in the Dark at Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 30th April. Dialogue in the Dark was created by world renown social entrepreneur Andreas Heinecke. Organised by the SIPA community in Singapore, the event had elements of both personal growth and social change. We had a Q and A with three of the vision-impaired servers and learned about their lives, challenges, strengths, resilience and mindset towards life.  We also had a debrief during which we discussed our personal reflections.  We wrapped up the day with one word summaries by participants. Some words which were mentioned included "illuminating", "centering", "moving" and "inspiring". One participant said she left with a greater appreciation for life.
In our follow up emails to participants, we shared information such as support available to employers if they want to employ people with disabilities. 
If you have suggestions for more community/social events, do let us know. 
By Vadivu Govind, [email protected], SIPA Community