July 14, 2017

CEO Interns Enjoy an Evening of Industry Talks with Columbia Alumni

On Thursday, July 6th - Led by fellow alumni Shaun Ang, the Columbia University of Singapore hosted an evening of Industry Talks for more than 10 CEO Interns. The talks or sharing sessions included 5 Columbia alumni who work in the fields of Finance, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Law, and Government. 
The purpose of the Industry Talks is for the Columbia students visiting Singapore to gain more insight into their field of interest, but also for them to learn more about other industries and how to best navigate their career moving forward.

After a short introduction from each guest alumni speaker, everyone moved into small groups for questions and to learn more about what it is each of our guest alumni specialize in.

Thank you to our alumni Snehal Patel, Shuo Yan Tan, Justin Chow, Adeline Yeo, and Stewart Gronek for sharing their industry experiences with our CEO students.



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