March 16, 2018

AGM Generates Record Attendence; CAA Singapore Elects 2018 Board Members

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On Saturday, March 10th more than 85 Columbia University alumni gathered at the Hilton Hotel Singapore for the CAA Singapore club’s Annual General Meeting where members were treated to an exclusive panel discussion focused on the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. 

The panel discussion consisted of four Columbia University alumni who each shared their industry insight and thoughts on how blockchain and cryptocurrency is changing the digital economy in the modern world. Each speaker spoke to their specific spaces of the industry and provided a broad overview of what this digital economy is and how it is affecting or changing the way we pursue everyday transactions and investments.

Carla Sapsford Newman ’03SIPA ’03JRN served as the moderator and led the discussions followed by a short Q&A. The panelist speakers included: Priyanka Bolleni ’13BC leads the Business Development in Blockchain and FinTech projects for IBM’s financial services clients in South East Asia; Justin Chow ’08CC is the Head of Business Development, Asia for Cumberland - a DRW Company, one of the world’s largest liquidity providers in cryptocurrencies; Sam Yen ’96CBS is an industry veteran in high performance analytics and cloud security; and Anson Zeall ’12CBS is the Co-founder/CEO of CoinPip, a blockchain-based funds settlement service.

It was another record AGM attendance and it welcomed alumni across all years. All members that joined the panel discussion were treated to a buffet lunch at the Hilton Hotel. At the AGM. members elected a new board for 2018.

2018 Board Members:

President - Mary Kuo

Vice President - Michael “Novi” Novielli

Secretary – Amelia Abdullahsani

Treasurer – Snehal Patel

Member – Mark Clemente

Member - Kevin Coll

Member - Shaun Ang

Member - Christian Zhang

School Representatives:

SIPA representative - Sean Yokota and Ting Lan

Business School representatives - Hau Yee, Kevin Coll, Sunny Zhang

Teachers College representatives - Michael “Novi” Novielli and Wendy Goh

Journalism School representatives - Joon Nie Lau and Carla Sapsford

SEAS representatives: Nick Yen and  Eric Lee

Columbia College representatives – Mary Kuo

Barnard College: Priyanka Bolleni

Committee Members:

Social - Shaun Ang and Sunny Zhang (BX Tang, Advisor)

Art - Amelia Abdullahsani, and Jenni Lee

Communications/Outreach - Mark Clemente and Christian Zhang and Melissa Ann Im

Entrepreneurship: Michael “Novi” Novielli and Snehal Patel

Sports: Amanda Yap

CEO Program: Mary Kuo

Travel: Ting Lan and Sunny Zhang

ARC: Nick Yen and Shaun Ang

Academic Programming: Shao Kai Fan

For more information on how to become a member, upcoming events, and news, please visit our Columbia University of Singapore Alumni Club website at:

You can also follow us on our social pages Facebook and Instagram:


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