September 27, 2016



We help bright, ambitious people identify and achieve their dreams.


MBA Link ( currently offers admissions consulting and GMAT preparation services for people who are looking to attend the most selective business schools in the world. We are a team of former bankers, consultants and business executives from only the top universities around the world. We're united by our commitment to supporting the dreams of young professionals.

We've reverse engineered the MBA admissions process and built our consulting service from the ground up. Our service draws insights from Executive Coaches, MBA Admissions Officers, Human Resources professionals and elite MBAs working at the most cutting edge and competitive companies.

Our test prep service is the result of almost 30 years of studying standardized tests. We engage advanced developments in cognitive science and teaching pedagogy to develop engaging, yet personalized test prep services that increase absorption and retention of concepts, provide real-time assessments of progress and reinforce effective study methods.

We recently launched Spark Prep SG ( in partnership with Spark Prep in the US. to apply our test prep pedagogy to the ACT and SAT.